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Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme

Under the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund, the Government has launched the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme to support enterprises to continue their business and services during the epidemic, the Programme provides funding support through fast-track processing for enterprises to adopt IT solutions for developing distance business.

For each IT solution and services and the relevant training expenses for the employees, the funding ceiling per each application is HK$100,000. Each enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000 to undertake projects to be completed within six months.

Corporate and Security Solution Limited, being a “Suppliers for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA QPS4)” by OGCIO of HKSARG and IT Service Provider Reference List under this D-Biz Programme, offers IT security consulting and assessment one stop solution. Please feel free to contact us by info@cassolution.com.

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